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To be the pharmacy of your choice by offering lower drug pricing , Free Same day delivery and exceptional customer service

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RXCare Pharmacy and Kwik Mart

RXCare Pharmacy offers personalized services through our friendly staff. We get to know your needs and will go the extra mile to fulfill them. We offer our services in Dade city and Zephyrhills.

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Here’s why everyone loves RXCare Pharmacies

Same-day delivery

We can deliver anywhere—including your home, office, or anywhere else someone can receive your delivery.

Private & secure

Your conversations with our pharmacists are completely confidential. Our couriers are RxCare Pharmacies employees and never know what medication they are delivering.

No out-of-stocks

Our predictive inventory software means the medication you need will never be out of stock.

Best price

We coordinate with your insurance to get you the best price on your medication and tell you what it will cost before you check out.

Never speak to insurance again

We coordinate with your doctor and insurance for you, including handling prior authorizations.

Communication on your terms

Directly chat or call our pharmacists at any time. Rest assured that you’ll be speaking to a real pharmacist who cares about your health—no text- bots allowed.

Explore our products

We focus on bringing the best products that the pharmaceutical market can offer. We have trained and experienced staff who can guide you in choosing healthcare supplies or purchasing over-the-counter drugs. Our pharmacist can even consult with you on what vitamins to take and which nutraceuticals will be most beneficial for your health situation.

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  • All that you need to keep your family healthy!
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